Therapeutic massage, kinesitherapy and neuro-energetic in Sainte-Marie


Sylvie Royer is a massage therapist that offering services to both body and spirit in Sainte-Marie and all over the region of la Chaudière-Appalaches. Concerned by all the pains that people can suffer, Sylvie Royer propose full experience and use meditation, body massage and naturopathy.

Passionate, persistent and well-being concerned, she will take the time to analyze the health check results with you and she will help you to improve your condition and ease your pain. This tenacious health expert never gives up and will not stop looking for a solution for you.


Massothérapie Sylvie Royer offers many services to reduce physical and spiritual discomfort

Massothérapie Sylvie Royer has a wide range of service that allows her to intervene on both physical and psychological tension, and musculoskeletal discomfort. She offers a unique sonotherapy service that allows bringing back harmony in unbalanced body. The vibration produced by the drums are going to affect troubled areas in order to bring them back to their original condition. If necessary, she can also propose food to supplements your diet in vitamins and minerals.

Here are all the services they are providing:


Swedish Massage


Cayce Reilly Massage


Sound therapy (sacred drums)


Paraffin bath

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Free yourself from tensions, verbalize your emotions and treat yourself with memorable session

For over 2 years, Sylvie Royer is self-employed and adapt to your needs. She is distinguished by her sonotherapy service that is a type of muscular massage that will relax the muscles and body and allows releasing mental tension in 30 minutes which corresponds to 4 to 6 hours of meditation. This experience simultaneously unique and impressive is provided exclusively in your region by Sylvie Royer and you will be able to mix your session between sonotherapy and Cayce Reilly massage. Finally, she adapts her service to your needs according to your health status and massages are offered in accordance with your needs and whatever your body is able to tolerate.

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Treat yourself with therapeutic massage session, meditation or paraffin bath by contacting Massothérapie Sylvie Royer. She would be pleased to offer high-quality service, personalized according to your needs. Furthermore, you will be able to benefit insurance receipt.

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